7 Things We Can Do To Capture Morning Positivity

Try these simple ways to tune in to the positive vibes of mornings and get the strength to live a good life!


Morning is that time of the day when Nature prepares us to start a new page of our lives. The fresh chirping of waking birds, the sky gradually changing from pitch dark to crimson and then to sky blue, hustle and bustle of animals, all give signs of a new day, a new possibility. As hard core human activity has not yet started, there is calm everywhere. On most days, we can experience gentle breeze, adding special touch to a feeling of pleasantness.

When the stage is set for us, why not use it to our benefit! Those few minutes or hours of extra sleep can never match the energy of this time that can help us achieve so much! Still thinking? Then read more here!

Getting up a little before sunrise helps us get tuned to the rhythm of universe. Not just that, in today’s busy schedules, it gives us an extra edge by giving us more time to prepare for the day. Here are a few ways of how we can spend the first few hours that generally ranges from 4 am till 7 or 8 am. These simple yet effective things, if followed with heart, can bring us to a stage where we can actually look forward to getting up early 🙂

1. Practice Yog Asanas  or Yogic Posture


Yog, popularly known as Yoga, is an ancient practice for maintaining sound physical, mental and spiritual health. There are 8 aspects to be considered that together form Yog. These consist of developing certain habits or practices that guide us to live a meaning and purposeful life.

Of these, we are discussing one aspect which is asanas, or body postures, here. After our daily freshening ritual, if we practise these postures, we get a flexible body and a calmer, focused mind. It is advisable to first get trained by a yoga practitioner. In case our mind is not yet set to practise asanas or Yogic exercises, we can still maintain some degree of good health by doing stretching exercises and start our day on a good note.






2. Focused Breathing or Pranayam


Learn the basics of the science of breathing or Pranayam as it is called, from a trained Yog teacher. These days CDs are also available and some shows are also shown on TV by trained Yoga Gurus. There are various types of Pranayam and can be learnt under guidance like Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhaati etc. and have different purposes. But the simplest is Anulom-Vilom and can be performed by almost everyone. Pranayam helps to make our lungs stronger and also helps in improving concentration to a great extent.



3. Practice a Hobby


Morning is the best time to practice hobbies that require concentration. For example, music, painting, and many other hobbies that involve creativity can be best practised in the early morning hours. Singers often do “Riyaaz” or practice of different musical scales during these hours and experience a state of calm and bliss.






4. Meditate


The peacefulness of outside can be utilized to practise meditation. Tap it to connect to the blissful inner being.









5. Work with Plants


Working with plants is a great stress buster. The simple activities of mixing manure with soil, digging up hard soil around plants, removing dead leaves and making compost with them, giving water to them, changing pots, planting new ones, etc. all are activities that can be done after sunrise and help you start your day with freshness!






6. Community Service or Seva


Getting involved in some community service or Seva, as it is called in India, is probably an opportunity one should not miss. The positivity we feel after doing this gives satisfaction that cannot be matched with other things. Depending on our field of interest, we can choose to volunteer in animal care shelters, or with old and needy people, or with children.

If going to such places is not feasible, we can also work in our own localities such as feeding stray animals, teaching needy children, or train them in some sport that we know.

Not just that, we can get involved in cleaning exercise in our neighborhood street or park. We can ask our neighbors also to get involved in it. Believe me, it will help us feel connected to our neighborhood and contribute to make it look beautiful.


7. Clean up our Den


Mornings are also a good time to clean up any mess that is taking up useful place. Let us pick up a place in the house that is filled with unwanted, unused or messy items and clean it. This act will remove negativity from not just our homes but also our lives.



So what are you thinking? Are you ready to feel the morning bliss? Do you follow these ideas or have more ideas to use your morning? Write in your comments and share your thoughts!

Author: Shanti

Worked as a Java and Android developer, taught kids as a home tutor. Recently developed a keen interest in blogging and sharing what I have learnt as a human being.

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