How I Heal My Inner Self

via Daily Prompt: Heal Heal

Well, for quite some time, I was feeling that the noise within me was growing more and more. So much that it was interfering with my daily routine. My creativity and productivity was getting affected. If you too are feeling the same, then it’s time to heal yourself. Here’s how you can do it. I will tell you what I am doing to repair myself!

Answer my inner self or whoever is inside!

If you know what it means, our mind plays clever tricks on us to arrest us in the thoughts created by it. While ignoring it may seem doable, at times, it clings like a chewing gum clings to hair and just refuses to leave and demands our full attention. That in my opinion, is the most painful time, at least for me. How to win this fight?

Well, I have tried it in many ways. I may not know the best way. But try this. First identify “who is asking this question to me – the good mind, or the mean mind”. Now, you will say, mind is just mind, an organ. How can it be good or mean, or beautiful or anything? Well. What I mean to say is, “try to know what is the motive of this question that is put to me.” 

Now, this is tricky! We may think that what is causing discomfort is mean and what is causing pleasure is good. But, we may be wrong. Sometimes the opposite is true. But sometimes it is right as well. So how to differentiate? For it, we need to go one or maybe some steps “beyond” what is coming obviously to us. We need to see where our mind is taking us with the question that it has put. Because, as we know, mind is just an organ, and like machines, it can never go wrong. If something is wrong somewhere, mind will indicate it. And, we have to solve it.

To solve it, either we have to change what we are doing or have always been doing, or we have to develop some kind of “acceptance”. Whichever path we choose, if questions stop coming, we are at peace. And, here we have to be very careful. We need to think, “Are we satisfying our ego by brushing aside what is right?” If not, we are on good track and our mind allows us to heal almost immediately. If not satisfied, repeat the above steps 🙂

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